Resident Town Hall on RAD/PACT

Watch here!

On May 24th, 2022, Neighbors Helping Neighbors organized a Town Hall on RAD/PACT during which they shared their perspectives on the program, which were rooted in a community-based survey they conducted of neighbors at Ocean Bay Houses during the 2021/2022 Winter. At the end, they also outlined a clear set of demands, which are also shared below.

We Demand Our 9!

  1. Stop RAD. Instruct HUD to place a moratorium on privatizations via RAD/ PACT and Section 18.
  2. Study the effects of RAD vs Section 9. Conduct a thorough and comparative impact study of all project-based Section 8 privatizations, and determine the cost of operation per unit nationally.
  3. Issue a national state of emergency for Section 9 housing.
  4. Instate federal and tenant oversight of public housing authorities.
  5. Fund Section 9. Allocate $100B to Section 9 for rehabilitation immediately and create a framework to increase funding to $180B by 2025.
  6. Expand Section 9. Restore the Section 9 housing stock to 1999 numbers and work to fully repeal the Faircloth Act by 2025.
  7. Rehabilitate our homes. Support the sustainable and resilient rehabilitation of public housing campuses and units.
  8. Strike racist language from any legislation. Ensure that racist and derogatory beliefs surrounding public housing do not continue to impact policy making.
  9. Take actionable steps to hold NYCHA accountable and get the agency back not track.

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